Lot 55

19th C. Russian Icon: Christ Pantocrator

Estimate: 200 -250

Traditional depiction of Christ blessing, 19th century. Egg tempera, gesso on wood panel. SIZE: 8 x 11 (21 x 28.5 cm)

Lot 56

19th C. Russian Icon Christ Pantocrator

Estimate: 250 -300

Center Russia. Wood panel, gesso and egg tempera. Overlaid with repose and chased brass gilded cover (oklad). SIZE: 8 Ωî x 6 æî (21.5 x 17 cm)

Lot 57

19th C. Bronze Statue of King Henry XIV

Estimate: 1200 -1300

SIZE: H ñ 10 Ωî L ñ 10 Ωî W ñ 3 Ωî

Lot 58

C 1820 Portrait - Oil on Canvas Painting

Estimate: 1500 -2000

This is a portrait of an noble man in a white uniform with a blue sash (order of white Eagle?), which is an indication of his royalty. (Probably a Russian or Polish Painting) SIZE: 24 x 18 in.

Lot 59

19th C. French Bronze and Crackled Amethyst Glass

Estimate: 2200 -2500

19th C. France, gilt-bronze and crackled amethyst glass potpourri covered vase decorated with grape and foliate finial. SIZE: H 12 in (30 cm)

Lot 60

19th C. Russian Silver Cigarette Case

Estimate: 650 -700

This is a 19th Century Russian silver cigarette case decorated with niello. Marked with Imperial warrant and 84 standard (875/1000 silver), Moscow, 1887. SIZE: 3 Ωî x 2 ºî (9 x 5.8 cm) H 1î (2.5 cm)

Lot 61

Two 10kt Gold Pins

Estimate: 90 -100

SIZE: Long- 2 (5.5 cm)

Lot 62

Russian Gold Cufflinks with Diamonds

Estimate: 2500 -3000

Russian gold cufflinks with diamonds and five ruble gold coins 1899. D 7/8 (2.3 cm)

Lot 63

Gilded Sterling Silver Bowl 407g

Estimate: 550 -650

Gilded sterling silver bowl decorated with engraving of foliage and butterflies. SIZE: 3 (8.5 cm) D 6 (16 cm) WEIGHT: 407g/13.08oz

Lot 64

Indonesian Silver Dish 641g

Estimate: 600 -700

800 Silver Indonesian dish. SIZE: 13 Ωî x 9î (34 x 23 cm) WEIGHT: 641g/ 20.6 oz

Lot 65

Bohemian Ruby Glass Cut to Clear Vase

Estimate: 150 -200

Bohemian ruby cut to clear glass vase. SIZE: H- 10 (25.5 cm)

Lot 66

orcelain Figure Frederick the Great King of Prussia

Estimate: 1500 -2000

A white porcelain figure after the original by Johann Gottfried Schadow (1764-1850) of Frederick the Great King of Prussia (1712-1786). Marked to the back pedestal with under glaze blue crowned monogram and signature Schadow. Size: H 30 (74 cm)

Lot 67

Bohemian Ruby Glass Cut to Clear Decanter

Estimate: 80 -90

Bohemian ruby glass cut to clear decanter with silver stopper. SIZE: H- 9 (25 cm)

Lot 68

Dresser Set: Hand Mirror and Brush

Estimate: 150 -170

Dresser set, hand mirror and brush. SIZE: L 9 & 8 D 5

Lot 69

Japanese Bronze Lidded Urn

Estimate: 150 -200

Japanese, bronze lidded urn decorated with floral motif. One of the three legs was replaced. SIZE: H 13 (32 cm) D 8 (20 cm)

Lot 70

16th Century Panagia with 10th C. Byzantine Cameo

Estimate: 12500 -13000

Russian Orthodox Panagia 16th Century, Moscow with 10 Century Byzantine cameo of St. Sophia in the middle. In the center of the panagia is a Byzantine cameo from 10th Century. This is a green glass cast showing the image of Saint Sophia. In the background of the cast, next to the image of Sophia are inscriptions in Byzantine letters H Sofia. The cameo is inserted in 16th Century gilded silver filigree, which is decorated with four precious stones. The filigree is inserted in a gold octagonal shape case that was made at a later date. The headpiece over the case has a carving of Holy Face of Our Savior Jesus Christ. SIZE: 7 x 4 cm

Lot 71

Amston Sterling Silver Pitcher 668g

Estimate: 650 -700

Beautiful, hand chase, 4 pint, Amston sterling silver pitcher. Numbered 1006. SIZE: H 8 Ωî (22 cm) WEIGHT: 668g/21.5 oz

Lot 72

Sterling Silver Footed Bowl 332g

Estimate: 550 -650

SIZE: H 3 1/8î (8 cm) Top 8 1/8î x 6 Ωî (21 x 17 cm) WEIGHT: 332g/10.67oz

Lot 73

Silver Gilded English Tea/Coffee Set, Gorham

Estimate: 3500 -4500

Antique gilded sterling silver tea/coffee set, England made by Gorham. WEIGHT: 81oz (2.519g)

Lot 74

Sterling Silver Toothpick Holder 925

Estimate: 150 -160

Sterling silver 925 toothpick holder. Size: H 2 3/5 (6.2 cm) Base 1 5/8 x 1 (4 x 2.5 cm)

Lot 75

Two S. Kirk & Son Covered Dishes, 1796g

Estimate: 2500 -3000

Two oval covered vegetable dishes by S. Kirk & Son Co. SIZE: L 10 1/4 in WEIGHT: 1.796g/58.7 oz.

Lot 76

Silver Dish: Black, Starr & Frost New York 597g

Estimate: 800 -850

Footed silver fruit dish by Black, Starr and Frost with reticulated edge and rim, monogramed. Marked on the bottom of the dish: Black, Starr & Frost, New York, Sterling, 5204 (Pattern), 11" SIZE: L 13 3/8 in WEIGHT: 597g/19.2 oz

Lot 77

Shreve, Crump & LCW Silver Footed Bowl 562g

Estimate: 700 -750

Silver footed bowl by Shreve, Crump & LCW. SIZE: H 3 Ωî (9 cm) D 9î (23 cm) WEIGHT: 562g/18 oz

Lot 78

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Bowl 182g

Estimate: 250 -350

Sterling silver bowl by Tiffany & Co. SIZE: 182 g/5.86 oz WEIGHT: H 2 (6 cm) D 5 5/8 (14.3 cm)

Lot 79

19th C. Russian Silver Filigree Spice Box (1837)

Estimate: 1500 -2000

Russian silver filigree spice box 19th Century (1837), with enamel decoration on the cover, silver mark 90 standard (937.5/1000 silver), maker mark PN (Cyrillic). SIZE: H 1 in L 4in W 3 in