Lot 28

19th C. Russian Icon: Burning Bush

Estimate: 850 -900

Burning bush, Russian icon 19th Century, Volga region. Egg tempera and gesso on wood panel. Two splints on the back. Good condition. SIZE: 10 Ωî x 8 æî (26.5 x 22 cm)

Lot 29

Victorian Brass Table Lamp

Estimate: 250 -300

Victorian brass oil table lamp with painted double shades. (Converted to electricity). Signed on the top of shade. SIZE: H- 22

Lot 30

19th C. German Silver 800 plate/dish 419g

Estimate: 600 -650

19th Century silver 800 bread plate/dish decorated with all around ornaments, Germany (930/1000). WEIGHT: 419g/13.45oz SIZE: D 10 (26.3 cm)

Lot 31

19th C. Russian Silver Six Piece Cup Set

Estimate: 500 -600

19th Century Russian silver set of 6 cups decorated with engraved ornaments. Silver mark 84 standard (875/1000 silver), maker mark AVB (Cyrillic). SIZE: Cup H 3 Ω (9 cm)

Lot 32

Ca.1800 Sterling Silver Footed Bowl 705g

Estimate: 1250 -1300

Circa 1800, sterling silver footed bowl. WEIGHT 22.7 oz (705 g) SIZE: 10î x 7 Ωî (25.5 cm x 18 cm) H 5î (13 cm)

Lot 33

19th C. Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers by Boardman

Estimate: 250 -300

19th Century sterling silver salt and pepper shakers made by Boardman. SIZE: H 2 (7 cm)

Lot 34

19th C. Russian Silver Wine Pitcher/Ewer

Estimate: 850 -900

19th Century Russian silver wine pitcher/ewer with engraved ornament and writing (most likely Georgian), silver mark 84 standard (875/1000 silver), maker mark VEP (Cyrillic) SIZE: H 9'' (23 cm)

Lot 35

Antique Painting of Mary Magdalene

Estimate: 1950 -2500

Antique oil on canvas of Mary Magdalene, signed in lower left corner L. Giordano. SIZE: 32.75 in x 22 in (84 x 56 cm)

Lot 36

19th C. Landscape, Old Masters Painting

Estimate: 800 -850

19th Century oil on canvas 'Old Masters' painting of a landscape with houses. SIZE: 21 Ωî x 13 Ωî (55 x 34 cm) Gilt Frame: 27 Ωî x 19 Ωî

Lot 37

Early 19th C. Russian Bronze Icon: Four Leaves

Estimate: 600 -800

Russian Icon: Four Leaves with Crests (Church Feasts) Beginning of 19th Century, cast brass with blue enamel. Each leaf is divided into quadrants and surmounted with a raised, ogee-arch crest. Attached by piano hinges, leaves close over one another from both ends: The second leaf becomes the front of icon when closed and bears an elaborate cast in relief landscape with 3 bar cross, spear, sponge, topped off with an old Slavonic prayer: Christ, we worship You and honor Your name. Each of the twenty reserves contains numerous figures, usually in landscape. Clockwise from left to right, the iconographic subjects are as follows: 1st leaf Crest: The Crucifixion of Christ, The Annunciation, The Nativity, Entrance of the Mother of God into Temple, Birth of the Mother of God. 2nd Leaf Crest: The New Testament Trinity, Meeting in the Temple, Baptism of Jesus, Entrance into Jerusalem, Transfiguration of Christ. 3rd Leaf Crest: Exaltation of the Cross with S.S. Constantine and Helen, The Resurrection, The Ascension, Dormition of the Mother of God. The Old Testament Trinity. 4th Leaf Crest: The praise of the Mother of God, The Tikhvin Mother of God with S.S. Alexander and Cyril, The Vladimir Mother of God with S.S. Maxim and Basil, Mother of God of the Sign and S.S. Anthony and Leonty, Smolensk Mother of God with S.S. Anthony and Theodosius. Very good detail, and nice overall patinia. SIZE: 7 x 16 (18 x 41 cm)

Lot 38

19th C. Two French Bronze Wall Sconces

Estimate: 900 -950

Pair of French bronze five light wall sconces, 19th Century, each with floriform nozzles with leaf form stems joining wall mounts with scrolling foliage and flowers. SIZE: 22î x 16 Ωî

Lot 39

Russian Painter Mikhail Abramovich Balunin B.1875

Estimate: 3500 -4000

19th Century water color on paper by Russian painter Mikhail Abramovich Balunin (1875 - c.1939). SIZE: 19.5"x13", with frame 29 x 23

Lot 41

1957 American Six Silver Cups by Reed And Barton

Estimate: 900 -950

Six sterling silver cups by Reed And Barton Serling, Taunton Massachusetts. WEIGHT: 752g/24.2oz SIZE: 4 5/8 (12 cm) D 3 (7.5 cm)

Lot 43

Two 19th C. Russian Wax Seal Stamps

Estimate: 450 -550

Two Russian wax seal stamps, 19th Century. One with brass base and wooden handle. The other one is gilded brass. Both seals have Bonaparte statue as a handle. One seal stamped Alesandr Tarasovich Lomanyuk (Cyrillic), the other has stamp initial Yu S (Cyrillic) and a crown. SIZE: H 4 (11 cm) H 2 (5.5 cm)

Lot 44

19th C. English Gilded Silver and Glass Vase

Estimate: 550 -650

19th Century sterling silver gilded overlade base with original crystal vase, England. SIZE: H 6 (16 cm)

Lot 45

19th C. Russian Silver Box

Estimate: 350 -400

19th Century silver box decorated with niello (a black compound of sulfur with silver, used for filling in engraved designs in silver). Imperial warrant and 84 standard (875/1000 silver), Moscow, 1834. SIZE: 2 7/8î x 1 5/8î (7 x 4.3 cm) H- Ωî (1.5 cm)

Lot 46

Russsian Lacquered Box Palekh

Estimate: 230 -250

Russian lacquered box by Palekh. SIZE: 7 x 4 x 2 (18 x 12 x 6 cm)

Lot 47

Early 19th C Russian Icon Triptych: Decent To Hades

Estimate: 450 -550

Decent To Hades. Russian Orthodox icon (триптих) early 19th Century. In the center of the triptych is the icon depicting the decent to hades. On the left is Dormition of Mother of God and on the right is Guardian Angel with St. Zosima and Sabaty. SIZE: 2 Ωî x 6 5/8î (6.3 x 16.7 cm)

Lot 48

19th C. Russian Icon: Joy of All Who Suffer

Estimate: 250 -300

Joy of all who suffer (всем скорбящим радость). Russian orthodox icon 19th century, cast brass with two colored enamel. SIZE: 4 5/8 x 3 1/8 (12 x 8 cm)

Lot 49

19th C. Russian Icon: The Virgin of the Mantel

Estimate: 300 -350

The Virgin of the Mantel. Russian orthodox icon early 19th century, cast bronze with multiple color enamel. SIZE: 6 x 3 (17 x 10 cm)

Lot 50

19th C. Russian Silver Belt Decorated with Niello

Estimate: 1100 -1200

Russian silver belt 19th Century, decorated with niello ornament (a black compound of sulfur with silver, used for filling in engraved designs in silver), mark silver 84 (875/1000 silver), maker mark AN (Cyrillic). SIZE: L 34

Lot 51

19th C. R Wooden Lacquer Easter Egg

Estimate: 500 -550

This Russian 19th Century wooden lacquer easter egg consists of two halves. The front half is decorated with a finely painted Ascension of Christ and the back half is painted with the view of the Moscow Kremlin. SIZE: H 8 cm (3 1/8 in)

Lot 52

Two Ivory Japanese Netsukes Figures

Estimate: 350 -400

Two old Japanese hand carved ivory netsuke figures. The lot includes an intricate carving depicting a fox and a statue of Buddha from stone. SIZE: Fox (W 1.5" H 2") and Buddha (W 1 3/4 H 2")

Lot 53

19th C. Russian Icon: Archangel Michael

Estimate: 550 -600

This is a 19th Century Russian Icon "Archangel Michael" painted in Central Russia. This is an egg tempera and gesso on wood panel. It has one splint in the back. This is a popular type of icon, which is based on the Book of Revelation. Depicted is Archangel Michael as the leader of the heavenly armies. In this depiction Archangel Michael has a crown on his head and he is riding a winged horse. Above his head is a rainbow. In his left hand he holds a book and a lance. In his right hand he holds a censer. He is trumpeting through a long horn. SIZE: 10 Ωî x 8 Ωî (27 x 22 cm)

Lot 54

19 C. Russian icon Archangel Michael and Czarina Na

Estimate: 950 -1000

The icon was painted 19th Century, Central Russia, Egg tempera, gold leaf and gesso on wood panel. Two splint inserts on the back. Size: 14 x 12 (35.5 x 31 cm)